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ECAD participates in the 17th International Congress on Addictions in Mexico, November 4-6, 2015.

ECAD in Mexico cutWorkshops and presentations of the concrurrent sessions reflect the deepest concern on the dimensions of drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and the stories of evidence cover the biggest part of the world.
The Congress aims to accumulate the essence of the evidence to develop new public policies.
 The topics of the sessions bring forward cannabis, the development of legalization and decriminalization, successful practices in prevention, alcohol consumption impact, drug use in the different regions of the world and risk and vulnerability factors: from biological to social aspects, and much more. 

On Wednesday, ECAD Secretary General held a presentation "The War on the Mind" (download in PDF) in a pre-congress workshop titled “Cannabis, experience from different counties on prevention, policy and treatment”. The presentation described how the case for legalization of drugs impacts us.

During the Congress, ECAD Secretary General moderated a session on Cannabis, the Development of Legalization and Decriminalisation and its Impact on Society. 

ECAD Secretary General also made a speech in the Plenary on how to counter organized crime and drug trafficking.

See the Congress Programme in PDF

ECAD received a piece of good news from our Norwegian colleagues:

Norwegian government has opted for a permanent establishment of drug courts all over the country. The decision is backed up by 30 million NKK.

That is obviously the result of 10 years` hard work, where Drug Courts in Bergen set the prejudicate for the whole country. Truly exciting and an inspiration for many other colleagues, especially in Gävle, Sweden!

October 1-2, Landskrona, Sweden (UPDATED 5/10)

SverigeMotNarkotikaSwedish NGOs have gathered for a traditional fair Sverige mot narkotika (Sweden Against Drugs) in the Southern city of Landskrona on the 1st and 2nd of October. The purpose is to acclaim the vision of a drug free society and to work strategically on local, regional and national levels for sustainable results. This is the focus of everyday work in many civil society organisations in Sweden.

Konferens i Landskrona - DrottningenLandskrona konferens - Ake skakar hand med drottningenThe Fair enjoyed a full support of Her Majesty Queen Silvia, who is the Patron of the conference and chose to speak at the inauguration.
Her Majesty was concerned with the development of the drug misuse and the right of every child to grow up in a drug-free world.

The event is of national importance for Sweden and ECAD is one of the proud organizers, along with SLAN, IOGT-NTO, KSAN and many other networks and self-help groups.
(Picture above: H.M. Queen Silvia in the middle, Erik Leijonmarck,ECAD Secretary General on the left side)

(Picture to the left: H.M. Queen Silvia is welcome to the conference by ECAD Deputy Director Åke Setréus)

Links in Swedish Press:
Kvällsposten : "We cannot let the children down, they are our future", says the Queen.
Kungahuset: H.M. Queen Silvia at the Conference Sweden against drugs

ECAD Swedish branch issued its Annual Award, Årets ECAD Sverige Pris (ECAD Sweden Annual Prize) at the end of the Conference, it  was awarded to Prof. Fred Nyberg, Biological Research in Drug Dependence, Depart. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University.

Fred Nyberg Pristagare 2015

Picture: ECAD Secretary General Erik Leijonmarck holding the prize for Prof. Fred Nyberg, opposite to the painting.

ECAD Bulgarian member, the city of Blagoevgrad issued the Heart and Speech Against Drugs Award 2015, in the Memory of Veronica Guerin, Irish journalist murdered by a drug dealer.
The Award, ECAD Italian representative, Mr. Fabio Bernabei won last year, was issued on September 29 in the following nominations:

The Electronic Media - went to Brian Maas, investigative journalist, CBS 4, Denver, Colorado, USA, for "Investigative journalism on issues related to the distribution and the use of drugs";

Publications - went to Boyan Dimitrov, journalist at The Monitor, for a series of articles "Former barracks become drug labs" and more;

Documentary Movie - went to Daniela Trencheva, journalist, for the Interview with Mr. Roberto Saviano "No Man`s Land" and more.

Another Award, in the Memory of Giovanni Falcone 2015, and honorary diplomas were given for the outstanding Magistrate and Police work.

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APFAD -ECAD Secretary General speaking

At the Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs on August 27, 2015  ca 200 participants from 18 countries addressed the growing challenge of drug legalisation in the discussions on the upcoming UNGASS 2016.
ECAD Secretary General was one of the key-note speakers presenting his view on how anti-drug advocates could constructively engage in the global drug policy debates.

At the Questions- and Answers- Session with the participants, ECAD Secretary General pointed out that anti-legalisation advocates could capitalise on the UN increasingly asking NGOs for their opinion on the drug policy matters in order to make their voices heard at the UN. "This has previously been an opportunity for the legalisation movement because they have strong and vocal NGOs. What the UN member states are hearing ... is a very pro-legalisation message and this needs to change", said Erik Leijonmarck.
Please find Erik Leijonmarck`s presentation at the APFAD here (PDF)

ASEAN countries met at the end of August in Singapore to underline their committment to a drug-free society.  Ahead of the UNGASS 2016, ASEAN aims to stand firm against substance legalisation and decriminalisation.
Singapore Second Minister for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Masagos Zulkifli said: "We cannot allow these countries to dominate the agenda. This harms the future of our nations, our youth and also runs counter to our common vision of a Drug-Free Asean".

APFAD alltogether


ECAD's activities from year to year culminate in the annual ECAD Mayors Conference, hosted by a distinct ECAD member city every summer. Councillors and other politicians and policymakers convene with academics and civil society organizations to participate in seminars and study visits, discussing the latest developments in drug prevention efforts throughout Europe.


 “Safe Cities Without Drugs. Preventing, Protecting, Policing”:

Kaunas logotype
On June 12-13, the city of Kaunas hosts ECAD Annual Mayors`s Conference 2017.

Please register before May 1, 2017 by filling in the Booking Form and returning it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Western Santaka Hotel and The Kaunas Hotel are available for ECAD conference guests at a special negotiated price by May 1, 2017.

You book your accomodation yourself, contact your chosen hotel and state that yours is an ECAD booking.

It is very convenient to use both hotels` shuttle service offer to get to Kaunas if you arrive at Vilnius airport. The proximity between these 2 cities is around 100 km. The shuttle service costs 80 € and you will receive this offer when your booking is received and approved by the hotel you choose.

Kaunas in summer is a wonderful place to be, the old city is often called a "Paris in a miniature" and the city has been announced as the European capital of culture.
Use this opportunity to get to know more about Kaunas and the ways of preventing, protecting and policing safe cities this June!

Conference Booking Form

@ Rokas Tenys, the Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Castle
Picture: @Rokas Tenys

Warm welcome to Kaunas, Lithuania!

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