Malta_PressConf  Gozo
At the Press Conference, presiding left to right: Jim Corr,      Location of the next ECAD Mayors Conference is
ECAD Chairman, Dr. Chris Said, Junior Minister for       the island of Gozo, Malta
 Public Dialogue and Information and
Zammit, Mayor of Pembroke City Council

The autumn meeting of ECAD Advisory Board took place in Malta, September 25.

 Due to economic difficulties in many municipalities the Board members met only twice this year. AB received additional support from the executive branch of city administration in St. Petersburg, Russia, and welcomed its new member, Leonid P. Bogdanov, Chairman of St. Petersburg Committee for public safety and law enforcement, to the Board.

The Board reflected on the ways of making ECAD work more effective and comprehensively offensive in the long run. ECAD`s newly launched website will be a handy tool making contacts and cooperation between practitioners and key persons in ECAD cities smoother and faster.

ECAD is bound to launch a new technically up-to-date website, we are looking forward to it this October!

Maltese government has demonstrated willingness to assist in organising ECAD 17th Mayors Conference on the Island of Gozo in April, 2010. Local mass media enlightened the plans at the Press Conference, where Dr. Chris Said, Junior Minister for Public Dialogue and Information welcomed ECAD guests to Malta next spring.

Pembroke City Council and its Mayor, Joe Zammit has shown genuine engagement in ECAD work, and Maltese local councils in general have been very active members of ECAD. ECAD highly appreciates this support and expresses gratitude about the proposal to host the next annual conference on this beautiful island.

Frukt  Oasi
Joe Zammit of Pembroke City Council                             At Oasi Foundation
shows his guests local specialties, tropical fruits

Later the Board visited Oasi Foundation on the Island of Gozo. Support and care for those in need of treatment from all over Malta, Gozo Citadel, unique natural resources and climate - all welcome you to Gozo next spring.