WFAD ECAD Conf opening

ECAD 25th Mayors Conference and the 6th WFAD Forum gathered together almost 400 participants from 45 countries, a network of networks indeed.

After 2 Conference days infused with the latest research on the risks of adolescent heavy use of marijuana, the reasons why endocannabinoids are present in many organs of our bodies and in the blood, and inspired by the importance of empowering the young in prevention, ECAD and WFAD are working on publishing the conference materials for you.

The amount of information covered both the atbt (Actions To Be Taken) according to the scientifically based recovery strategies in communities and the launch of the updated International Standards on Drug Prevention, with a powerful focus on individual, not on drugs.
We will provide you with the conference materials in the nearest days, simply visit

ECAD thanks warmly the City of Gothenburg for the immense support and hospitality! We would like to extend our particular thanks to Ann-Sofie Hermansson, the Chair of the Executive Board and Marina Johansson, the City Councillor and the Chair of ECAD Sweden.
And our most cordial gratitude goes to Ove Lundgren, Development Manager of the Social Resource and Knowledge pool (Kunskapskällar`n) at the City of Gothenburg.

Here come some pictures from the Conference reception on May 13 and the inauguration on May 14.

Ann-Sofie Hermansson at the conference opening copy
Marina Johansson opening the Reception on May 13 copy
Public at the Reception 2
Public at the Reception
Public at the Reception on May 13
Conference Reception on May 13
Prof. Madras speaking
Prof.Bertha Madras gets the prize