In July, ECAD was present during the Swedish Annual polician week on the island of Gotland situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

We organised seminars and hearings on drugs, public safety and health during the week. Policians from all parties in the parliament came to our tent to share their view on how to make Sweden safer and their stance on drugs.

For the fourth consecutive year ECAD has been organizing seminars talks and events with partners Criminals Return into Society and Association for Drug Free Sweden at the annual politician week in Gotland Sweden. This year was an election year and every political party wanted to participate in our tent and give their view on how the society could be made safer. Down below we have listed the headlines of our sessions:

A safe society - the role of NGO´s

Per Johansson, generalsekreterare, RNS
Erik Leijonmarck, generalsekreterare, ECAD
Ali Reunanen, förbundssekreterare, KRIS

The left party (V) on drugs and crime

Linda Snecker, Vänsterpartiet

The liberal party (L) on drugs and crime

Roger Haddad, riksdagsledamot, Liberalerna

True and false on cannabis - state of the art of research on health harms

 Peter Allebeck, forskare
 Pelle Olsson, författare, journalist

The conservative party (M) on drugs and crime

Beatrice Ask, riksdagsledamot, Moderaterna

What does a social and liberal drug policy look like?

Johan Pehrson, riksdagskandidat Liberalerna
Niels Paarup-Petersen, riksdagskandidat Centerpartiet
Lars Ströman, ledarskribent Nerikes Allehanda
Gabriel Romanus, fd socialminister Liberalerna

The centre party (C) on drugs and crime

Johan Hedin, Centerpartiet

Shootings, open drug trade and marginalized communitites - what are the relationships?

Manne Gerell, forskare

Schools free from drugs

Staffan Hübinette , lärare och föreläsare

The green party (MP) on drugs and crime

Annika Hirvonen, riksdagsledamot, Miljöpartiet

The role of the customs service in adressing drug supply

Jessica Vikberg, tullinspektör och förbundsordförande RNS
Johan Lindgren, förbundsordförande TULL-KUST

The Social Democratic party (S) on drugs and crime

Morgan Johansson, justitieminister, Socialdemokraterna
Annika Strandhäll, socialminster, Socialdemokraterna

Life style coordinator

Ali Reunanen, KRIS

The prohibiton of drugs - a tool for early intervention

 Lennart Karlsson, ordförande Svenska Narkotikapolisföreningen 
 Sven-Olov Carlsson, projektledare, Prevent Don't Promote

The nationalist party (SD) on drugs and crime

Adam Marttinen, riksdagsledamot, Sverigedemokraterna

Never go back - Recovery from drug addiction and being a mother

Sara Woldu, ledare mammagruppen KRIS

The christian democratic party (KD) on drugs and crime

Andreas Carlsson, riksdagsledamot, Kristdemokraterna

Apart from our own hosted talks and seminars the Secretary General also participated in a discussion on cannabis from a medical and societal viewpoint organized by Uppsala University.