ECAD Bulgarian member, the city of Blagoevgrad issued the Heart and Speech Against Drugs Award 2015, in the Memory of Veronica Guerin, Irish journalist murdered by a drug dealer.
The Award, ECAD Italian representative, Mr. Fabio Bernabei won last year, was issued on September 29 in the following nominations:

The Electronic Media - went to Brian Maas, investigative journalist, CBS 4, Denver, Colorado, USA, for "Investigative journalism on issues related to the distribution and the use of drugs";

Publications - went to Boyan Dimitrov, journalist at The Monitor, for a series of articles "Former barracks become drug labs" and more;

Documentary Movie - went to Daniela Trencheva, journalist, for the Interview with Mr. Roberto Saviano "No Man`s Land" and more.

Another Award, in the Memory of Giovanni Falcone 2015, and honorary diplomas were given for the outstanding Magistrate and Police work.

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