APFAD -ECAD Secretary General speaking

At the Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs on August 27, 2015  ca 200 participants from 18 countries addressed the growing challenge of drug legalisation in the discussions on the upcoming UNGASS 2016.
ECAD Secretary General was one of the key-note speakers presenting his view on how anti-drug advocates could constructively engage in the global drug policy debates.

At the Questions- and Answers- Session with the participants, ECAD Secretary General pointed out that anti-legalisation advocates could capitalise on the UN increasingly asking NGOs for their opinion on the drug policy matters in order to make their voices heard at the UN. "This has previously been an opportunity for the legalisation movement because they have strong and vocal NGOs. What the UN member states are hearing ... is a very pro-legalisation message and this needs to change", said Erik Leijonmarck.
Please find Erik Leijonmarck`s presentation at the APFAD here (PDF)

ASEAN countries met at the end of August in Singapore to underline their committment to a drug-free society.  Ahead of the UNGASS 2016, ASEAN aims to stand firm against substance legalisation and decriminalisation.
Singapore Second Minister for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Masagos Zulkifli said: "We cannot allow these countries to dominate the agenda. This harms the future of our nations, our youth and also runs counter to our common vision of a Drug-Free Asean".

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