In July 2010 a so called Stoltenberg Commission - working group consisting mainly of politicians - presented a report on reforming Norwegian current drug treatment system.

This report aimed at designing a new approach to public drug policy, proved to be rather controversial not only because of the prosals to transform injection rooms into users´ rooms to replace the "attraction" of open-drug scenes, its budgetary platform or a general approach to drug abuse as a health care responsibility.

Responsible for the report was Prime Ministers` father, Mr. Thorvald Stoltenberg, a reputed politician with 3 children, one of whom, Nini Stoltenberg, is known as a critic of the so-called "war on drugs" and a former drug addict.

The outcome of this report is not decided by the Norwegian government yet.

We publish Comment on the Stoltenberg report by Håkon Formo-Berntsen, Norwegian social scientist
with a profound experience in working with the most socially exposed groups, retired consultant by now.

Download Comment on the Stoltenberg report as PDF