Mr. Wade West Mr. Wade West
As a television reporter and news anchor, Mr. West interviewed Presidents, Prime Ministers and hundreds of ordinary people whose actions made them newsworthy. He is one of the few American reporters ever permitted inside the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl or allowed on-camera interviews with admitted KGB agents. Nominated for an Emmy award for his reporting, Mr. West now teaches clients how to use free news media coverage to convey their positions, platforms and perspectives to potential voters, clients, customers and patients and has been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal and Roll Call. In the professional arena, he serves more than 70 Members of Congress, Washington's leading think tank, members of President George W. Bush's cabinet, as well as major non-profit health organizations and the Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Government. He also served on the faculty for the American Medical Association Health Reporters Symposium and the Drug-Free America Foundation's "Drug Summit" endorsed by then-Governor Bush in Texas.
Outside the United States, he has worked with the Ukrainian National Fire Service, members of both the House of Commons and House of Lords in London and the Prevention Project to Stop the International Trafficking in Women. Mr. West now teaches in Washington, DC and at the Producers' Facility at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

The New Rulers of the World
An Address by Mr. Wade West
to the Conference of the European Cities Against Drugs
Reykjavik, Iceland
April 25, 2002


Thanks and acknowledgements, Aowwsaa, Torueny, MaLoo, Johanna and organizers, governments

NOT here is representative of US government

Question is, who is in charge? As former married man, know it is not the husbands!!!

First thoughts were, it's the government, but September 11 thought us not government.

WW2 corporate model of government and world affairs - comparisons

1992 end of Soviet Union, not with a bang but a whimper.

End of history, Professor Fujiama was supposed to be 500 boring years. NOT.

September 11 simply proof that people in change

Government not rules driven any more; not needs driven.

Borders are good examples. Don't exist in most parts of world.

People willing to report to extreme measures to get what they want. I've got biological warfare, I want food, what are you going to do about it . I want medicine, I have bio warfare capabilities, what are you going to do about it.

Weaponized anthrax just the beginning. Imagine a hemorrhagic fever such as Ebola or marlburg, modified so as to be contagious through the air, weaponized so as to have a date specific eradication time, released in major city.

Target Chernobyl. Paralysis. Western civilization dependent on technology

Paralyzed by lack of it. Can't stop

Question becomes, drug abuse relevant, how do you control behaviors before happens. No good after.

Must control input of information 845-year conflict in Balkans. They Fathers knee.

Kissenger - Cho En Lai Control of ideas 94.3 % from electronic media. More in developing world, Clena Iceland, wood for newspapers.

Examples, power of media. 2000 general election of 1 % saw bush-gore. Solidarity - Solidarinooshk 1980 - no ads, TV coverage. 1992 Berlin wall


World markets never close. Networks never close

Chinese fear Internet, One man one picture, one message brought commitment to change.

Being now

JFK and power of media. September 11 on TV. Warnings. - Reality No one waited for morning newspaper.

Person who controls media controls message. Message controls future.

The 40-40-20 rule of public debate. Media only interested in debatable.

For too long, message has been pro-drug. Must make drug use intolerable. Drug profits, drug promotion.

Falsity of harm reduction

Can get story on to news, your way. How pro-druggies have won,

Can't win playing defense - Must be present to win. whey will continue to win unless you/we take initiative.

How to put this power of media to work for you.

First understand that television is not some mysterious black hole. Rather boring repetitive system. Headline service.

Television effects undecided voters - radio empowers your base. Changes in TV programming make it possible to get yourself and your ideas on news. Reality makes it necessary. The news the changes. CNN (&) plus MSNBC, plus BBC, ++++++

Personal relevancy is the key.

Must be person promoting the story. Story already written. . . ,

Why Would One Million Viewers Be Interested. Student Drug testing. Pictures. Interview.

News is Now, Local About People, About Conflict and Visual. (it's not science, facts, etc)

COIK means Clear Only If Known.

I have a story all your viewers will love.

Make reporter's job easy

Always stay on your message

Message is always, Positive, Personally relevant, forward focused and action oriented.

Don't hesitate to call with questions, ideas, etc.

You cannot win this battle. I certainly win this battle. People can win battle, when drug use simple becomes unwanted, unneeded, unacceptable, and intolerable.

That will happens when you take the message to them

Congratulations on day here and what you will achieve in future.

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