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David Raynes, National Drug Prevention Alliance,
United Kingdom
Address to the 14th European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD) Mayors’ Conference
Istanbul, Turkey
May 10-11, 2007


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,

My background is in drugs crime & criminal investigation. Since my retirement I have been supporting more drugs prevention & investigating the manipulation of drugs policy by the legalisation lobby.
I have 30 minutes to explain the well financed international campaign to legalise all drugs.

You can be sure legalisation forces are at work in your country.
My objective is to raise your awareness of who they are, how they are financed & how they are linked.
This legalisation campaign has had an effect in the UK-a very bad effect; we are the “sick man” of Europe in relation to our drugs use.
Do not follow our example!

The long term plan of legalisers is to get major changes made in the UN Conventions on Drugs.
The UK is important in this battle of ideas, English is the second language of the world, English is the main language of the Internet.
The objective of the legalisation movement is to break international unity on this subject.
This is the “war on drug policy”, not the “war on drugs”.
It is not well understood by the public or by many politicians.
It is a war on common sense. The common sense that says society can reduce the harm from drugs by the signals it sends to young people.
I propose to you, that the quantity of ANY drug taken in a society is a matter of local culture & that the culture can be changed, for the better or for the worse.

In the UK before 1997 all our political parties were agreed on drug policy. One measure, by our current government, the downgrading of Cannabis, reverberated around the world and confused our youth. A success for the legalisers.
Their master plan is to trivialise drugs, to normalise drugs, to decriminalise drugs.
To legalise all drugs.
The legalisers are fighting a long campaign; they are content with small gains-country by country.

How do they do it?

  • They are always present in the media debate & ready with a comment.

  • They regularly produce papers, criticising drugs policies and provoking discussion.
    They quote each other as authorities.

  • They frequently say “drugs policy is failing” as a method of undermining public & political confidence.

  • They have spent huge sums of money to fight the “stepping stone” & “gateway” theories of drugs use.

  • They promote the (wrong) theory that drug use by youth is inevitable.

How did it go wrong in the UK?

One senior, renegade, Police Officer stated that he was not going enforce drugs laws.
At about the same time, our Home Secretary (Interior Minister) downgraded cannabis in our law & sent mixed messages to young people.
UK drugs law & drug using culture changed by one man, who had been in his job only months. I say there must have been hidden influence on him. He is blind and obviously very dependent on those who brief him. How did it happen?
Mike Trace (now with the legalisation pressure group, “The Beckley Foundation”) had been our Deputy Drugs “Czar”. He moved to the European Monitoring Centre and then to the UN.
As he was to make that last move to become a top international public servant, he was exposed in our newspapers as having been a secret agent-a “fifth columnist” in his words, an agent of the George Soros financed “Open Society” office in Brussels.
Once exposed for what he was and is, Trace resigned from the UN. He is however still very active in the legalisation lobby through the Beckley Foundation.
Another UK group “DrugScope”, is a part of a “dripping tap” of pro-drug use comment in the UK. DrugScope combined to work with Ethan Nadelmann of the US based & George Soros funded: “Drug Policy Alliance”.

What they say:

“Opening the debate”
(My translation)
(We have not got our own way yet.)

Of drug taking presumably?

(Giving up on drug control)

“Youth culture”
(Let youth do what it will, do not teach right from wrong, or healthy from unhealthy).
Soros or organisations he financially supports are active in most countries in the world. They promote subtle campaigns to undermine drugs law.
They WILL be active in your country. Are you aware of them? Can you identify them?

Other important European pro-legalisation campaigners:

Martin Jelsma –Dutch academic –Transnational Institute

Peter Cohen- Dutch academic and self confessed regular drug user.

Mike Trace-UK-Beckley Foundation. (Does not admit to being outright legaliser).

DrugScope UK-major drugs policy organisation advising (and funded by) government. (Denies being legalising body).

There has been an ongoing alliance between these people/organisations and US based, legalisation lobbyists. Martin Jelsma for example, received an award from Ethan Nadelmann’s Drug Policy Alliance.

Their core views:

“Drugs must be legalised to remove criminality from their distribution,”
- nonsense of course, a larger (legal) market would provide more opportunity for criminality –not less.

They promote constant argument about, in their words,
“The limitations of the UN Conventions”.
- These limitations never properly described!

They provoke constant argument about “reducing drug related harms, harm reduction and harm minimisation”.
I say, & I hope you will say in response:
- Yes, but what about TOTAL HARM?
Keep mentioning TOTAL HARM, they have no answer.

Here are the websites of some of those organisations:
(Please, review Mr. Raynes` Power Point presentation at the top of this page!)

All are dedicated to overthrowing the UN conventions, the UN conventions that bind us together.
Those conventions are up for review in 2008.
As 2008 approaches there will be more effort to split us up on drug policy, the organisations I have mentioned are focussed on European drug policy and splitting European countries on this issue.
Our being here, together, is a good way of opposing those efforts.

There will be the continued “BIG LIE” of legalisers:

“Legalisation would take the criminality out of supply”

- It would not, it would mean more TOTAL HARM from drugs.

Thank you for listening.
If there is any time left I am open to questions.
I am happy to talk to or hear from you at the edges of the conference.
Thank you.

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