Neil McKeganey  

Neil McKeganey, BA MSc. PhD FRSA
Professor Neil McKeganey is the founding Director of the Centre for Drug Misuse Research at the University of Glasgow.
Opened in 1994, the Centre comprises one of the leading drug misuse research teams in Europe.
In addition the Centre co-hosts the STRADA national drug and alcohol training programme.
Professor McKeganey is a sociologist by training and has undertaken research on a wide range of topics including work on the impact of parental drug use on children, pre-teen drug use, the link between drug use and prostitution, and research on the effectiveness of drug treatment services in Scotland.

In 2004 Professor McKeganey undertook research for the UK Government looking at the likely impact of the UK drug problem over the next twenty years.
Most recently Professor McKeganey has undertaken research on the impact of harm reduction ideas in drug policy and provision.

 Professor Neil Mc Keganey,
University of Glasgow,
Address to the 14th European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD) Mayors’ Conference
Istanbul, Turkey
May 10-11, 2007


Pofessor N. Mc Keganey`s speech was based on his recent scientific article on the same topic.

Here we offer you his article including comments made by his colleagues from England, USA and Canada.
Please find Professor Mc Keganey`s article here.

You can also view Professor Mc Keganey`s Power Point presentation
in pdf-formate here!



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