ECAD 13th Mayors' Conference
Combating Drugs -
A World Challenge?

June 1-2, 2006


  1. Arturas Zuokas, Mayor of Vilnius
  2. Raimunde Jauniene, representative for the Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus
  3. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland
  4. Jim Corr, Chairman, ECAD
  5. Hans Lundborg, Chairman, UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs
  6. Piet de Boer, World Board Member of NA -
    Narcotic Anonymous World Service Inc.
    How does NA work? (PDF - file)

  8. Dmitry Kostennikov, Head of the International Judicial Department
    for Russian Federal Drug Control Service. "On the contemporary anti-drug policy in Russian Federation"
  9. Trevor Grice, Founder/Director, Life Education Trust, new Zealand
    "The Challenges of Youth in Today`s Society"
  10. Professor Thorolfur Thorlindsson, Faculty of Social Science, University of Reykjavik, Iceland
    "Prevention that works" (PDF-file)
  11. Audrone Astrauskiene, Director of Drug Control Department, Lithuania
    (PDF - file)

  12. Professor Erkki Vuori, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland

  13. Kerstin Käll, Med. Dr., Chief Medical Officer, Addiction Clinic, Linköping University, Sweden

  14. Anna Fugelstad, Psychologist, PhD. Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden (PDF-file)
  15. Andrejs Vilks, Criminologist, Riga City Council Member, Director of ECAD in Riga, Latvia

  16. Janina Asadauskiene, Klaipeda Municipality, Lithuania "Best Practices of Klaipeda Municipal Government"


  17. Linas Karalius, senior specialist in charge of the project "New Fashion", Afterclass Education and Youth Affairs Subdivision
    of the Education Department, Vilnius City Municipality


  18. Arturas Melianas, Dep.Dir. Vilnius City Municipality Health and Social Security Dept.
    "Mano Guru" - a Programme for Professional Skills Training for individuals addicted to drugs


Other speeches will soon be available!

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